Expand Your Professional Profile with a Workshop!

workshop_sign (3) resizedEven if you’ve never heard of the story “Leo the Late Bloomer,” the title says it all! I think I’m a lot like Leo when it comes to realizing the benefits of certain activities and practices. Such was the case when I first started facilitating workshops more than 18 years ago! I thought all I was doing was transferring information from facilitator to participant and participant to participant, all for a modest price. Eventually, I realized I had a lot more to gain with each workshop I facilitated, starting with new clients. The benefits of hosting a workshop are many—the kind of stuff money just can’t buy!

You’re the Expert!

Facilitating a workshop raises your profile as the expert in your field while providing additional revenue for your business. Beyond the people that attend your workshop, the people who see your workshop advertisement will make a note that you’re the possible “go-to” person in your field. In other words, facilitating a workshop helps you optimize your professional profile.

Extend Your Network

Those who attend your workshop are likely to become part of your professional network. This can be a valuable resource for your business, with attendees spreading the word on your professional activities well beyond your workshop and into their own networks.

Take the Pulse of Your Next Possible Focus

If you’re thinking of expanding or altering what you currently offer your clients, a workshop is a wonderful vehicle for test-driving that new offering. Real-time feedback from the participants helps you polish that new offering and identify any issues that may need resolving. Another BIG plus in facilitating a workshop is the conversation that goes on among participants. It gives you an opportunity to find out about other areas you may want to focus on in your business. In other words, the participants help you consider your company’s next steps in growth.

About Rita Barber

Rita Deo Barber, the featured speaker at WIC’s April 2015 meeting, has more than 18 years’ experience defining and leading training initiatives for executives, groups, and corporations such as Google and Intel throughout the West Coast. She has in-depth experience in workshop facilitation and delivering messages to groups in the hundreds and has mentored individuals on message-collaboration, leadership, and delivery. An avid Toastmaster for six years, Rita most recently served as District Governor for District 4 Toastmasters. Under her leadership, the district has grown to be the largest district in North America and among the largest in the world.

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