Living in the questions

Why is it that we need to figure things out?  To know the why of whatever is happening.  It’s our mind’s wiring to be a problem solver but our Soul is wiser.  Sometimes we need to be comfortable living in the questions.

I am reading one of my favorite teachers – Barbara De Angelis’s – book called “How did I get here?”  She offers some guidance about being in that unknowing space:

“So how do we dig deep for wisdom?  Where do we begin?  The first step is to admit to yourself that you are where you are – in a place of uncertainty or confusion or doubt, in a time of re-evaluation and reassessment, in a process of transformation and rebirth.  Digging deep for wisdom means:

  • Being honest about the fact that at least for the moment your reality is comprised more of questions than answers.
  • Allowing these questions to exist, acknowledging that they are piled up around you like mysterious boxes waiting to be opened.
  • Not fleeing from the questions any more, but embracing them, entering into them and in turn inviting them to take root inside of you.”

This is so spot on.  It is about being present to these questions and not denying, ignoring or medicating your way out of being present to your own transformation.

Today… write down a few questions that have been gnawing at you.  You do not need to solve or answer these questions.  Know that the Universe/Spirit works in divine order and timing and when the mysterious boxes are ready to open, you will know the answers.  Set the intention that you are now open to answers… if in fact you are ready.

Namaste.' About Amari Romero-Thomas

Amari Romero-Thomas is the Principal Consultant and Certified Soul Coach at Mosaic Consulting and Coaching. The purpose of Mosaic is to assist organizations and individuals “put all the right pieces” together in service to their personal or organizational mission.

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