About Theresa Marcroft

Theresa Marcroft founded MarketSavvy in 2001 to offer practical and effective marketing advice and implementation. Theresa serves as an interim VP marketing for start-up to medium-sized companies, setting them on a high-growth path. Her clients reap the benefits of her expertise honed at Regis McKenna, working directly for Geoff Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm.

Top Five Lessons Learned from My 16 Years as an “Interim VP Marketing”

:: Since founding my consulting company in 2001, I’ve been serving Silicon Valley CEOs as an interim VP marketing. Usually they are running smallish companies and either haven’t yet brought a full-time VP marketing on board or they just lost their VP marketing for some reason. Either way, my clients are wise enough to realize that they’re operating under a handicap – likely losing both mindshare and market share -- if this role is vacant. After serving 12 companies in the last 16 years, I took … [Read more...]

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