Sitting is the New Smoking – Bad for Your Body, Bad for Your Business

I’m not exactly a raving fan of Mad Men or Don Draper, but I watched enough episodes to notice how in every episode almost all characters are engaged in a mindless activity which is detrimental to their health. Any guesses what it is? Smoking, of course. It’s stunning how that mindless habit was such a big part of our culture; yet it isn’t anymore. So what is our generation’s equivalent of smoking? – an activity we engage in in a mindless way which is harmful to out health, our well being, … [Read more...]

Back to the Future: Look Backward to Look Forward

If you’re like most people, you have several goals for 2015, and being better off financially is probably one of them. That’s good, but in the rush to move on to something new, there’s a missed opportunity if you don’t first look at your 2014 goals. This review actually isn’t limited to goals. You also want to look at your behavior and feelings about different financial decisions. Did some goals fall into place while others were a struggle? Did you feel really good about certain choices but … [Read more...]

Women in Consulting 2012 Silent Auction

I’m happy to report that Women In Consulting’s 2012 Silent Auction was a great success! The auction was held on September 20 at Michael’s in Mountain View during a members-only general meeting, prior to an informative presentation of our 2012 WIC Annual Best Practices Survey results. The WIC community rallied to raise much-needed funds for our organization, while having fun and making deal-seekers very happy. Generous spirit of our members was on full display. We are especially grateful for … [Read more...]

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