About the Women in Consulting (WIC) Blog

Community and collaboration. They’re a big part of who we are. So it’s no surprise that we’ve made the WIC blog a group effort. All of WIC’s Board of Directors, along with the blog editor (yes, we have an editor, more of a manager really), contribute to the blog. And since there isn’t just one owner/blogger, our readers can choose from a wide variety of topics.

The authors of this blog include Women in Consulting’s Board of Directors and other Women In Consulting leaders. Speakers, sponsors and Association Members may also contribute. Occasionally we will accept posts from non-members. All content should be relevant, educational and useful to our smart and savvy consultants.

So, what topics can you expect us to cover? Anything and everything related to consulting and running a small business. And because our members come from a variety of disciplines, you’ll also see insight, information, and trends across a range of disciplines, from human resources and business strategy to marketing and market research to Web design, getting organized, and more.

Our intention is to support consultants of all levels and small business owners, fostering success via a collaborative community. But even if you’re not a consultant or small business owner, you’ll find information nuggets that will benefit you and your company.

Visitor comments are encouraged — the more the better. We believe that everyone benefits from discussions, constructive feedback, and different perspectives.

Please keep comments open, honest, respectful, and relative to and consistent with the topics. As long as they meet those requirements, we’ll allow them. We’ll review, post, and respond to all comments in a timely manner. Depending on the content, not all comments will receive a response.

Note that all comments will be reviewed prior to public posting. Comments containing derogatory or defamatory comments, spam, profanity, or inappropriate language won’t be published.

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