Setting Priorities: Make Time for Summer Fun

setting priorities for summer

When setting priorities for summer, don’t forget to include fun!

Summer is in full swing…which means sunshine, vacations, flip-flops and, my personal favorite, beach days! I love the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. So much so that each year, I make a conscious effort to slow down some so I can truly enjoy them.

I look at summer as a time to rejuvenate, recharge and re-energize. I find that energy helps my business thrive throughout the year. Each month of summer, I schedule a day off from my business to do something for me. I decide those days ahead of time and put them in my calendar. Then I make sure NOT to schedule anything on those days, no matter what. Since they are already on the calendar, it is easier to stick to this plan.

In addition to trips and outing, I also set priorities to focus on during the summer months. When setting priorities for summer, it is important to include some fun activities. This year, I am focusing on words, relaxation and projects. All summer, I am creating time in my schedule to read more, incorporate lots of fun and relaxing activities into my life and complete all of those little projects I haven’t made time to finish.

Have you thought about how you will incorporate some fun into your summer days? Do you have any personal activities that are important to you that have been put off too long? Setting a priority or goal can help you stay focused on what is important.

Wondering what to do? Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Go to the beach with a friend
  • Read a book in your backyard
  • Plan a romantic picnic
  • Take your kids to the park
  • Get a massage
  • Get a pedicure
  • Join a sports league
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Take a hike
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Work on an art project
  • Take a class

The list could go on and on. My point is, it can be very easy to let the summer days pass you by, so make time in your busy schedule to do the things you love! The first step is making a list of things you WANT to do. Then schedule those activities in your calendar and respect them the way you would a work engagement. Say “no” to the activities that don’t fit into your priorities and enjoy summer to its fullest.  Your business will benefit, and so will you.' About Melissa Stacey

Melissa Stacey with Feeling Organized specializes in organization for your home, office, and small business. She works with each client to create a unique system that's geared toward their specific needs, lifestyle, and/or work style. Some of Melissa’s expertise includes filing systems, paper management, closet spaces, offices, and work flow. As a WIC Board member, Melissa oversees WIC’s finances, silent auction, and sponsorship initiatives.

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