Women in Consulting (WIC) Team Offsite a Success…

…thanks to the efforts of everyone who attended and those who helped organize the meeting.

WOW! That was my opening statement at the 2010 midyear offsite of WIC’s pro bono team. It’s what I think whenever I think of the expertise and experience that comprises our team. It’s what I think whenever I see what that collective brain power can accomplish. 

The number of programs put into place and projects completed during the first half of 2010 is staggering — especially when you consider that every one one of these women has a day job and is doing this in her “spare” time.

Highlights of 2010 Accomplishments Year to Date — Just a Sampling

 Highlights of Soon-to-Come Projects/Programs

  • Facebook welcome page by end of August
  • New tiered partner program, look for information in the partner area by mid-September
  • Pro bono welcome kit and process

 A Solid Working Session

The team also spent time discussing our team processes, what’s working and where we can make improvements. A lot of great ideas were generated that I look forward to seeing in action. But I love how we all acknowledged just how much we do well.

The afternoon saw us brainstorming on our team objectives for the second half of 2010. I look forward to writing a similar post in early 2011 (yikes!) that reviews all that this fabulous team accomplished during these coming months.

A Well-Deserved Thanks

Everyone who attended this offsite deserves a big thanks, as does everyone on the WIC team. Next time you see one of them, let them know how much you appreciate the work they do on your behalf. Or if you have a spare moment, send one of them an email.  

I’d personally like to thank Angel Rampy, Deborah Plumley, Jen Berkley, and Angi Roberts for helping plan and run the meeting. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you — truly! And thanks to everyone who devoted four hours of their day (plus travel time!) to attend this planning session. It’s truly appreciated. And to everyone else on the team who wanted to be there but couldn’t and who work tirelessly on WIC’s behalf, thank you!

What a Great Team!

Back row: Robin Pieracci, Lou Anne McKeefery, Kathie Sherman, Janet Bailey, Michelle Gouldsberry, Linda Popky, Melissa Stacey, Leslie Smith, Cherryll Sevy, Deborah Hoard (hiding), Ann Evers, Deb McClanahan

Middle row: Deborah Plumley, Pirie Jensen, Cheryl Chow, Renee Daggett, Jen Berkley, Jan Houts, Ruth Simone, Jan Richards, Angi Roberts

Front row: Rachel Melia, Angel Rampy, Leilani Yau, Gabriela Martinez, Melody Appleton, Deb Siegle, Avery Horzewski

Photographer: Susan Monroe

avery@aveconsulting.com' About Avery Horzewski

Principal of AVE Consulting, Avery is a marketing and customer communications consultant, and serves on WIC's board of directors as president. As a consultant, she works with companies of all sizes to develop compelling, persuasive, and effective customer-centric marketing and communication strategies that encompass everything from websites to social media to print collateral. Avery assumed the role of WIC president in January 2010, after overseeing the organization’s marketing, PR, social media, and website initiatives for three years.

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