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By now you have heard about the WIC (Women in Consulting) membership drive, which was announced earlier this week. It launched on Valentine’s day, and will be going on from now until the end of June.  I am so excited about this membership drive, because it is a great opportunity for WIC members to share what they love and benefit from doing so.  For each person you refer to who joins, you get $10 off your WIC membership, plus a chance to win a full year’s membership!

There’s no limit to the number of discounts you can receive, so if you refer 10 people who join, that’s $100 off plus ten chances to win the full membership. If you haven’t read our kickoff email yet, check it for all the details or go to the Women in Consulting membership drive page,

I’ve been involved in WIC for the last 4 ½ years, the last three leading the membership committee. When I joined the membership committee, the position of Recruitment Chair was open. It still is—I never thought it was important to fill the position. Why? Because our happy members are our best recruiters. You do a great job introducing people to WIC.

Being a recruiter for WIC is a fun job. In fact, I hesitate to even use the word ‘job’. I’ve brought a number of people to WIC meetings, and they’ve never been anything but delighted to hear the speaker and discover our community. If you’ve ever brought someone to one of our meetings, you’ve probably had the same experience. People love the meetings, and that feels good.

So, if you’ve ever thought about introducing someone to WIC, now’s the time. Maybe you have someone who’s top of mind. If not, think about your network. Small business owners, consultants, independent contractors and even people who work from home for big corporations can all benefit from the learning, community, and opportunities for growth we enjoy as WIC members. Consider men as well as women. We don’t have a lot of male members, but they’re more than welcome.

This is all about sharing what you love, WIC, with people you care about. Lots of you do that all the time, and of course we love you for it. The membership drive is to provide a little extra incentive, a little extra excitement, and to get us all to focus on being ‘Recruitment Chairs’ for WIC.

Thanks for your efforts, and I’m looking forward to meeting all of our wonderful new members.' About Kathie Sherman

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