WIC Turns 20 in 2018 

:: What better way to kick off the 20th Anniversary of WIC in 2018 than sharing a WIC “aha moment” from member Mandi Toutsch:   “Even traveling between the Midwest and California for the past year, I find the WIC emails and off-topic subjects very helpful. I am grateful to have met wise and resourceful women, whom are a great support to each other with their businesses and life.”

While a more formal anniversary celebration is planned for the January 18th General Meeting, the blog will feature member input each month this year to commemorate 20 years of networking, collaboration and support.

While you are busy recalling your best WIC anecdotes, you can check out these upcoming speakers for a fast start to 2018.

Jan 9th – South Bay Satellite Lunch:  There is still time to learn the latest on securing your business from cyber threats at the monthly South Bay luncheon. Arash Shokouh, owner of Ophtek LLC, will share his expertise that spans several startup companies building smart camera systems, iPhone apps, websites and Managed IT Support.

Jan 18th – General Meeting:  Jim Horan is the featured speaker for Finding and Keeping Your Focus on Growth in 2018.  Jim is a popular past speaker at Women In Consulting known for his highly dynamic events that drive attendees to significant breakthroughs. Guests always leave his sessions clear and focused and with a one page business plan! Yes, you read that correctly…one page business plan. Twenty-three years ago, Jim did something incredibly brilliant or outrageously stupid. He simplified the business plan to a single page and began a revolution which continues to this day. Jim took a simple concept and self-published his first book, The One Page Business Plan for the Creative Entrepreneur which instantly became an Amazon best seller.

Jan 25th – East Bay Satellite Lunch: And if your business plan is done and your IT  secure, then join the East Bay monthly luncheon to learn  how social media can help you grow.

Jolly good start to WIC’s 20th year.

amyjhuson@gmail.com' About Amy Huson

Amy Huson is a new member of WIC who is just starting her marketing consulting practice. She's focused on marketing strategy reviews and go-to-market planning for small to mid-size companies looking to re-align their digital and traditional marketing practices.


  1. egh@mktgmech.com' Ellen Grace Henson says

    We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in a variety of ways throughout the year. Thanks for all you do Amy Huson!

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