WIC Second Harvest Food Bank Summer Food Drive: Help Feed Hungry Kids

As consultants, it’s not unusual for us to push through lunch when working on a deadline until we can no longer ignore the pains and we break for a bite. But imagine being a hungry child, knowing that it’s not time but simply lack of food keeping you from eating. Quite frankly, it breaks my heart. No child should go hungry—especially when it’s so easy to help feed them.

That’s why Women in Consulting (WIC) is partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties for its “Share Your Lunch 2011” campaign. From now until July 31, 2011, we invite you to “Share Your Lunch” by contributing to our “School’s Out But Hunger Isn’t” virtual food drive.

We want to raise at least $6,000 this summer—enough for 12,000 meals! We reached this goal during our holiday drive, so I know it’s doable. This community is beyond generous—one of things I love most about WIC!
$10 Feeds 20 Children
Summer is the season of childhood hunger, with one in five children in our communities at risk of going hungry. For these children, summer break becomes something to dread rather than a time filled with excitement.

A gift of $10, the cost of one sandwich, can provide 20 meals for hungry children. I know from past experiences, the average cost for donors to fill up one food collection barrel is $240. If donated to Second Harvest, that same $240 could fill up 2.7 barrels of nutritious food, essentially tripling the impact of your gift. So virtual food drives are a fantastic way to contribute!
It’s Easy to Donate
Visit https://donate.shfb.org/syl/Default.aspx to make a donation and see how Second Harvest can stretch your dollar. 

  • Choose “Community Group” for the Donor Type
  • Select “Women in Consulting” from the pull-down menu for Organization Name
  • Enter nothing for Team Name
  • Click Next and then Donate Now
  • Select from one of the predetermined dollar amounts or choose your own amount, and click Next
  • Follow the rest of the online instructions to finish the transaction

I just donated $250—enough to feed a playground!—and it was easy!
Spread the Word
Forward this blog post to friends and family or update your Facebook status to:

Help me feed hungry children this summer by visiting https://donate.shareyourlunch.net/ and donating to Women in Consulting’s Virtual Food Drive! Together, we can make sure no child goes hungry in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

The Impact of Child Hunger Is Far Reaching

  • Hungry children are sick more often and more likely to go to the hospital
  • Hungry children are more likely to be overweight than children who get three meals a day
  • Hunger in children under three years old severely harms their lifelong ability to learn
  • Hungry children do poorly in school because they can’t concentrate and aren’t well prepared for class
  • Adults who experience hunger as children aren’t well prepared for today’s work environment
  • Hunger can place a lifelong toll on their mental, emotional, physical, and social well-being
avery@aveconsulting.com' About Avery Horzewski

Principal of AVE Consulting, Avery is a marketing and customer communications consultant, and serves on WIC's board of directors as president. As a consultant, she works with companies of all sizes to develop compelling, persuasive, and effective customer-centric marketing and communication strategies that encompass everything from websites to social media to print collateral. Avery assumed the role of WIC president in January 2010, after overseeing the organization’s marketing, PR, social media, and website initiatives for three years.

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