WIC Program Highlight: 2010 in Review

Every year, WIC sends out 120+ holiday cards to the people who contributed their time to helping make WIC a success. Half of those people have regular, ongoing jobs with WIC — 63 to be exact. Yes, it takes that many people to make things happen, because no one on the team, save our association manager, gets paid to do the jobs they hold. So, we need to share the wealth, so to speak.

But it also takes this many people, because the team does in incredible amount of work. I never cease to be amazed at the accomplishments they turn out year after year. While only starting my second year as president, this is my sixth year on the board and my ninth year on the pro bono team in general. And let me tell you, these women (no men have yet volunteered on the team) work hard.

That’s one of the reasons we changed the name from volunteers to pro bono team. This is real work, just as deserving of recognition and promotion as any client work we do. Hint: if you’re on WIC’s pro bono team and you haven’t highlighted that in your LinkedIn profile, you should!

So, it’s only appropriate as we begin 2011 that I take a moment to acknowledge and thank the people who make WIC happen: our 2010 pro bono team.  

Thank you! Without you, WIC would cease to be!
The Scoop
In addition to the day-to-day operations that our team manages, they also find time to take on many special projects (at least one per team for each half of the year). The list of accomplishments is so long, I couldn’t fit them on a single PowerPoint slide even if I used size five font.

Here’s just a sampling of what they accomplished in 2010:

With Much Gratitude
The following are the people to thank the next time you see or talk to them — warning long list: 😉

More Things to Come
I’m certain 2011 will be filled with just as many exciting things as 2010, as I know the teams are busy prepping for our annual all-hands offsite planning meeting on February 3. I look forward to writing about them in my monthly program highlights.

Meanwhile, hears to a great 2011 — and thanks to the entire pro bono team for all your efforts on WIC’s behalf! It’s appreciated beyond words!

A 🙂

avery@aveconsulting.com' About Avery Horzewski

Principal of AVE Consulting, Avery is a marketing and customer communications consultant, and serves on WIC's board of directors as president. As a consultant, she works with companies of all sizes to develop compelling, persuasive, and effective customer-centric marketing and communication strategies that encompass everything from websites to social media to print collateral. Avery assumed the role of WIC president in January 2010, after overseeing the organization’s marketing, PR, social media, and website initiatives for three years.


  1. beverley@bootstrap-mktg.com' Beverley Bird says

    It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional and talented group of women — and under such great leadership!

  2. Thanks Beverly!

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