WIC Member Benefit: Website Analytics and Conversion Testing Tool Discount with Overstat


A Message from the Founder of OVERSTAT

I am pleased to announce a new WIC member benefit that could easily offset the WIC annual membership fee. It’s Overstat – the first on-page website analytics and conversion testing platform. It is the first tool that anyone can use to optimize online sales, leads, white-paper downloads—any goal—without any technical or specialist knowledge.

WIC Member Benefit: Overstat

WIC members can receive a 25% discount for a full year–for your own sites and/or for your clients.  You can pass the entire discount on to your clients or give a 10% discount to clients and keep 15% as a referral fee.  Contact me, Sue Hay – Director of Partnerships for WIC, to take advantage of this offer.  (shay@bewhysmarketing.com)

The base price for Overstat is $99/month after a 30-day free trial.  But subscriptions can go over $1000/mo., with generous referral fees.

For more information check out this short video on the Overstat homepage: http://www.overstat.com?os_p=wic

What is Overstat?

Overstat was created to provide any marketer with website analytics to improve user experience and to increase conversion rates. For example, in addition to knowing that the average visitor visited 2.6 pages on your site, you have the tools to enable you to improve engagement.

The tool enables you to concentrate your web marketing time on fixing the key sales cycle web pages. Plus it allows you to take a serious look at exit web pages:  Why are they leaving so early, is there something wrong with the messaging? Layout? What could be made more meaningful, engaging or helpful to keep them on your site longer? Or what call to action could be more persuasive? Overstat allows you to receive real data from which to make design and copy decisions. Without any programming or technical knowledge at all, you can create A/B split tests to see what copy, colors, images, placement, form fields, etc., will increase visitors’ engagement with your site and increase conversion rates on your goals.

Running a split test is like sending out a direct mail letter with multiple versions to see what lead-in sentence, call to action, p.s. and/or envelope/insert gets the highest response. Until now, it has been too expensive or time-consuming to have a programmer set up multiple versions of the same webpage and to randomize the traffic going to the various pages. But with Overstat, you can test web page variants, with a WYSIWYG editor, and get quick feedback on what performs best.

Often the data Overstat provides you enables more insight into web site visitor behavior to reveal new sales opportunities. For example, an Overstat client was surprised when reviewing a heatmap of their e-commerce site recently,  that links to the “store locator” were some of the most popular links on the site. They realized they could feature the stores where the product could be found more prominently around the site, and it also enabled them to sign up new retailers by featuring their partner support program.

Overstat installs with just a code snippet put onto each page (just like Google Analytics installs) and requires no other set up. It runs in the browser over the site, so it can be securely accessed from anywhere and can be used collaboratively. With Overstat’s heatmaps, top-click pins, WYSIWYG creation of A/B split tests, real-time analytics and more, any marketer can improve user experience, have access to highly actionable graphical analytics, and can optimize conversion rates on any web marketing goal.

The monthly subscriptions starts at $99/month after a 30-day free trial. Check out the short video on the Overstat homepage: http://www.overstat.com?os_p=wic

Too often, we have to guess how to increase lead-generation or sales on our websites without detailed information about what site visitors are actually doing on our web pages. Overstat takes that guessing away and provides realtime analytics and data to help you make educated marketing and business decisions that could increase your sales pipeline and return-on-investment.

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