WIC June 17th Mtg: MJ Ryan will Inspire, Align & Motivate

The speaker at WIC’s June General Meeting is M.J. Ryan, successful business woman, change management expert, thought leader, and New York Times best-selling author of many books including “This Year I Will…” and her latest, AdaptAbility. We at WIC are twitching in our shoes at the prospect of M.J. Ryan speaking to our group. In Barbara Walters’ lexicon, M.J. is “the big GET” and we’re honored to host her.

A trusted advisor gave me M.J. Ryan’s most recent book “AdaptAbility: How to Survive Change You Didn’t Ask For” at a time when I was undergoing so much personal and professional change I didn’t have time to read nor respond to email nor tend the garden of my thoughts, much less read a book. I read it anyway and recognized that M.J. Ryan had a wealth of good ideas to share.

“AdaptAbility: How to Survive the Change You Didn’t Ask For” by M.J. Ryan is a perfect crouton of a book: bite-sized, delicious, full of practical step-by-step guidance and inspiration to survive crashing waves of unexpected, unwanted, life and business-altering change, with lingering motivational and spiritual flavor. In calling it a crouton I mean no disrespect: the book was all I could handle, but everything I needed at the same time in order to set my mind in productive motion and to stir my professional self to productive forward action. I’m not prone to say things like “If you read only one book this year…” but it fits. Reading the book it was as if M.J. was a trusted friend and mentor, insightfully taking my hand to set me back upright and facing fearlessly into the wind.

Flash forward 9 months: M.J. Ryan is our speaker for the WIC June General Meeting, held next Thursday, June 17th, 6:00 pm at the Quadrus Center in Palo Alto. (http://tinyurl.com/25fcrw7 to register.) Topic: AdaptAbility: How to Survive the Change You Didn’t Ask For.

MJ’s presentation will give you the power to reframe your business and personal struggles so that you can not merely survive but, yes, thrive in the face of the many unwanted, unexpected, scary or simply mundane changes our society has undergone during the past two years.

Your takeaways will be greater perspective, serenity, and power to deal with what life and business hurl at you. You’ll leave inspired and move forward as if propelled by the best mental vitamins money can (’t) buy.

I urge you to attend, or put another way, “if you attend only one uplifting event this year” make it the Women In Consulting June General Meeting. Register at www.womeninconsulting.org.

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Jean Lombard is WIC's Online Marketing Director for 2010.


  1. mcherylchow@gmail.com' Cheryl Chow says

    I’ve only read “This Year I Will” but it’s one of the best books of its kind — and I’ve read tons of how-to and motivational books. It’s a book I can dip into again and again. I can’t wait to read her other books. I urge everyone to check out her books and to attend the meeting.

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