We’re all Primates

Quick – what do ALL marketing efforts have in common?

Many of the expert marketers in our community have great and varied answers to this question, but the bottom line is this:  ANY marketing effort, be it a huge consumer product launch or a short-term consulting gig, needs to appeal to people.

And people, as it turns out, just aren’t that different from apes.

This is why I’m very much looking forward to this week’s monthly meeting, where we have Gavin Johnston, Chief Anthrpologist with TwoWest Interactive, coming to lead us in an interactive discussion on Marketing to Apes. Remember, however, to sign up soon – early registration closes Tuesday November 16; after that you’ll need to pay at-the-door.

As an ape who finds anthropology fascinating, I especially look forward to this applied discussion, both on a personal level and as a way to understand what I can do to better appeal to the inner primate that will be my next client!

lisa@brooksideconsulting.com' About Lisa Strand

Lisa has spent over 15 years in the world of market, media, and user research. Her experience ranges from conducting primary research studies, analyzing complex data sets, and creating models and forecasts to help individuals and businesses succeed. She also regularly conducts Website usability testing to help businesses develop a customer-centric presence. She has presented at conferences such as COMDEX and Internet World, and has made multiple televised guest appearances on CNBC, CNN, and other major broadcast networks.

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