The Value of One Great Idea

:: Does one of the following describe you?

Your business is on a roll. You’re ready to take that next step to grow your business even further. But you’re having second thoughts. Is this really the right time? Are there any negative consequences you’re not considering? What important details could you be missing?

Your business is stalling. You’ve tried everything to grow your business, but you’re just not getting anywhere. Is it time to throw in the towel? While you may think you’ve tried everything, the fact is that it’s hard to make decisions when you’re feeling frustrated and concerned that you’re getting nowhere. Still, the idea of quitting just doesn’t sit well with you. Are you giving up too soon?

You’ve decided to change careers and move towards a different path entirely. How do you transition successfully into that new career? What are the possible pitfalls? Are there ideas you’re not aware of that can help you successfully make that change?    

Your new business is doing great, but some of the operational aspects are taking up way too much of your time. Is there an easier way to bill your clients? What about profitability? How can you improve operational practices so that you can work more effectively?

You’re business is brilliant and in a class of its own. How can you most effectively get the word out so that you can build your business further? How do you connect with the people you know would benefit from your services? How do you become part of the conversation with those who would be interested in what your company has to offer?

Maybe you have another scenario that better describes you and your business. Maybe everything is simply perfect, but it couldn’t hurt to to hear the perspective of another experienced professional.

Sharing where your company has been, where it is currently, and your plans for the future with a mentor can help you better understand and consider whether that next step, whatever it is, is the way to go. Mentors give you perspective on your issues by listening to you, offering professional insights, and giving you the encouragement to move forward.  

The value of one great idea for your business from one of the consultants at WIC’s upcoming Speed Mentoring event coming up this fall could literally be priceless. You’ll receive not just one fresh point of view on an issue regarding your business, but nine professionals ready to listen and offer our professional insight to your questions.

In order to give you our professional best at this event, WIC has wisely decided to limit it to only 50 participants. I look forward to seeing you there.  

Rita Barber

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. 

~ Oprah Winfrey.

About Rita Barber

Rita Deo Barber, the featured speaker at WIC’s April 2015 meeting, has more than 18 years’ experience defining and leading training initiatives for executives, groups, and corporations such as Google and Intel throughout the West Coast. She has in-depth experience in workshop facilitation and delivering messages to groups in the hundreds and has mentored individuals on message-collaboration, leadership, and delivery. An avid Toastmaster for six years, Rita most recently served as District Governor for District 4 Toastmasters. Under her leadership, the district has grown to be the largest district in North America and among the largest in the world.

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