Still Time to Join the 2nd Annual Non-Profit Challenge

:: One major holiday done and still a week to go in November. So what are you going to do with that extra time? Catch up on work, life or maybe help out a nonprofit organization before getting swept up into the next holiday.

If that last one sounds appealing, there is still time to sign up for the next Saturday’s Second Annual Nonprofit Challenge on Dec 2 in San Jose. The event is co-hosted by WIC partner organization Silicon Valley Organization Development Network along with the Association for Strategic Planning.

From WIC member Laurie Kretchmar of Content Marketing Place: “Here’s a way to share your expertise and advise nonprofits. Nonprofits get a great day worth of pro bono strategy and marketing advice tailored to their organizations.”

Highlights from last year:

* 7 nonprofits participated. Areas of impact: Healthcare, products for developing world, animal rights and protection, environmental cleanup and protection, youth empowerment, women empowerment and community support, creating resources for people living with chronic mental illness.

* All 7 nonprofits are implementing the recommendations they received.

* Greatest value seen: the high skill level and tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the participating consultants.' About Amy Huson

Amy Huson is a new member of WIC who is just starting her marketing consulting practice. She's focused on marketing strategy reviews and go-to-market planning for small to mid-size companies looking to re-align their digital and traditional marketing practices.

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