Social Media Program: Twitter Tips

Twitter can be exciting, daunting, or both.

However, the search engines now track tweets, so it’s a great opportunity to increase your online exposure. Some tips:twitter-bird-blue-on-white

  • Follow the WIC members in your industry and retweet selected tweets, as well as those posted by our WIC social media team.
  • Email your Twitter handle to or send @WIConsult a direct message in Twitter. The social media team will follow you and retweet posts they think would interest the WIC community.
  • Tweet about upcoming WIC events. (You may encourage others to attend.)
  • Use an application like Hootsuite ( to manage your tweets. You can organize it so you can easily view the tweets from the people you really want to follow.
  • Set a goal of retweeting or responding to a few tweets a day.
  • Take advantage of hastags (the pound sign in front of a keyword) that will categorize the message and allow other users to click or search for tweets. The more people use a hashtag, the better chance it has at becoming a “trending topic” and the better the chances that non-WIC users will run across the information.

So, for example, when you retweet a WIC tweet, make sure to include the hashtag #WIConsult or one specific to the event.

  • Don’t forget to follow WIC (@WIConsult).

Note: To learn more about Twitter, register for the new WICademy eLearning series, “Social Media Implementation for Consultants.” The interactive online series is designed to provide the information you need to effectively use six major social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Pinterest and YouTube. Different subject-matter experts (all of whom are consultants) will cover each platform in hour-long interactive sessions (with homework). A week later, you will be able to ask the instructors questions in an online “office hour.” For more information, click here.

About Kay Paumier

Kay Paumier works with B2B companies that are struggling to stand out in the crowd. She spreads the word about their products and services, making them better known, more credible and more profitable. Her marketing-communications services include public relations, publicity, media relations, writing, company and product launches, and presentations. Kay serves as WIC’s marketing director. Her website is


  1. Great tips Kay, keep em coming.

    There’s also a way to “favorite” someone else’s tweet.

    “Favoriting” is becoming very popular as an alternative to retweeting.

    Favoriting is a digital “fist-bump” and also a way to give recognition to a tweet that you feel is too much of a “hot potato” to publicly retweet. Or, hit favorite to save the tweet so you can easily find it it next month or next year.

    The best way to learn is to jump in the pool and have a conversation (chat me up, my twitter handle is @lisalamagna)

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