Practice Healthy Organizing Habits

Creating good habits is pivotal to staying organized.  In order to change old habits, you have to consistently practice your new habits. Some good tips on creating habits include:

  • Take 15 minutes at the end of the day to “clean up” and put things away.  That way your space is organized and ready for you to begin the next day.
  • Keep your space clutter free.  If you are not using it, put it away.
  • Keep a small notebook on hand or use your cell phone to write down your creative ideas, action items and important reminders as you think of them.  You will be less likely to forget something if it is written down.

And don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up once in awhile…it takes time to learn new habits.

Happy Organizing!' About Melissa Stacey

Melissa Stacey with Feeling Organized specializes in organization for your home, office, and small business. She works with each client to create a unique system that's geared toward their specific needs, lifestyle, and/or work style. Some of Melissa’s expertise includes filing systems, paper management, closet spaces, offices, and work flow. As a WIC Board member, Melissa oversees WIC’s finances, silent auction, and sponsorship initiatives.

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