Passing the Social Media Test: Six Hours Can Make a Huge Difference for Your Business

Do you remember the pit in your stomach that would form when you faced test questions in school that you couldn’t answer? Maybe you felt anxiety as you glanced at peers who were busily writing or turning the pages of the test while you stared at your page, feeling helpless.

Perhaps you wrote answers that were part fact, part educated guess, in the hopes of getting partial credit.

Or maybe you whizzed through, only realizing near the end that half your answers were wrong because you had repeated the same incorrect assumption.

Figuring out how to use social media to promote your brand and expertise to generate bottom line business results shouldn’t be a best guess or leave you feeling lost or anxious. Neither is it wise to breeze along assuming that what you’re doing is right. Least of all, you shouldn’t avoid it because it’s too daunting or assume that social media doesn’t really matter to your business.

The truth is, social media is here to stay. The strategies, techniques and tools will undoubtedly evolve over time, but the bottom line is that you need to be in the game and need to know how to play it well before you fall critically behind.

The May 17 workshop, “Generating Business Via Social Media,” is designed to give you a comprehensive and in depth understanding of how to develop an integrated marketing strategy that incorporates social media and how to use the three big social networking sites—Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook—properly and optimally.

At the end of this intense six-hour workshop, you will have the knowledge to develop and execute a sensible social media strategy for your business. If you already have one, this workshop will help you calibrate your efforts. Six hours of time for that kind of payoff. I think it’s well worth the investment.

This will be a hands-on and interactive session. I highly recommend that you establish an account on each of these sites if you haven’t already done so, bring your laptop and be prepared with questions you want to ask our expert presenters. The speakers will provide several demos and are prepared to dynamically adjust their presentations to address your knowledge level, questions and issues.

Topics to be covered include:

Characteristics and challenges of social media channels

• How to develop an integrated marketing approach and utilize social media for your business

Developing a targeted approach for finding the right people to follow on Twitter and generating the right followers

• Strategies for what to tweet and when

• Best tools for organizing Twitter activity and measuring success in meeting your business goals

What it takes to have a complete LinkedIn profile

How to strategically build out your network, successfully connect with people and establish trust

• The best LinkedIn tools and how to use them

How to build a company profile

How to build your online group—groups and answers

What Facebook can and can’t do for your business

• Differences among Facebook personal profiles, groups and fan pages, and which makes most sense for your business.

• Best practices for fan pages

• Understanding the Facebook newsfeed algorithm and why it’s so critical

How to integrate and leverage social media channels

Please don’t miss this opportunity to prepare your business to pass the social media test.

Sign up now. Register at the Kintera web site by May 1 to receive the early-bird discount.' About mfrank

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