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:: Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? A few years ago, the Women In Consulting Annual Best Practices Survey unveiled some tricks by top consultants that helped improved my business’ profitability and my work/life balance.

Here’s one: I learned top consultants out-source the administration of their company so they can maximize their time on generating revenue. I added a bookkeeper and a virtual assistant to the Stage2 network and could not be happier. My clients are happier too since I can use my virtual assistant for administrative tasks on their business as well. We have all benefited from the Best Practices insight.

As solo practitioners and entrepreneurs, often we have limited access to relevant benchmarking resources. This is another reason why the WIC Annual Best Practices Survey is so valuable. You’ll learn what our community expects of future business prospects, tools they are using to improve their business and whether they believe clients are receptive to price increases.  Without violating any price-fixing laws, the Best Practices Survey lets us benchmark our success against our peers.

Yet, the data in the Best Practices Survey is only as good as its participants. That’s why I’m asking you to help us create a better benchmarking tool by taking and sharing the Annual WIC Best Practices Survey. The survey is open to all consultants regardless of age, gender and business focus.

You can learn more about this  ~10 minute survey on Best Practices In Consulting Research Report.

Your community needs you. 

On behalf of the board, and the committee that administers the survey, thank you!

The more survey responses we get, the stronger the data becomes.  Or to borrow a phrase from our beloved Golden State Warriors #strengthinnumbers.

~ Deb Doyle, President, Stage2 Marketing

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