Leap Tall Buildings

Want to expand your networking opportunities within WIC? Learn new marketable skills? Become a driver within the consultant community? Be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Become a WIC pro bono team member! (Okay, I lied about the leaping abilities, but it’s amazing how high you can reach once you are a WIC pro bono member!)

We have many interesting opportunities available. Let me tell you about a few:

  • Three co-chair positions for marketing, monthly meetings, and web content. For the marketing and web content co-chairs, you’ll be instrumental in communicating about the great WIC events to the greater WIC community. The monthly meetings co-chair will enable you to develop strong relationships with key business minds in our industry.
  • Two one-time gigs as ambassadors or monthly meeting speaker coordinators. Both of these will enable you to make a big contribution to WIC without the big commitment. Ambassadors make our new members and meeting attendees feel welcome and the speaker coordinators guide one speaker through the process of presenting to WIC.
  • One new addition: analytics coordinator. In this role, you will help WIC measure the impact of our online presence — and help us to improve our efforts.

Want to learn more? Just contact me at dhoard@get-net-results.com and I’ll introduce you to the correct Board member for the inside scoop.

dhoard@get-net-results.com' About Deborah Hoard

As founder of Net Results, Deborah manages the strategic and creative process to produce a variety of integrated marketing global campaigns and to implement corporate branding initiatives across all levels of marketing touch points for a range of Silicon Valley businesses. Deborah has been on the WIC Board for the past 2 years; last year as the Programs Director and this year as the Director of Volunteers.

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