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Many consultants are also business owners which means we have a lot of different aspects of our business which we need to manage. Learning what works for other consultants can be an important way to define and prioritize strategies and activities. Women In Consulting’s The Best Practices Survey Report is cited by many consultants as key to gaining insights on what choices and activities have the strongest positive impacts on their business.

This year is our 16th year conducting the Best Practices Survey. As with any survey, the number of respondents can influence the value of the results. We’ve sent e-mails to our membership as well as several friends of Women In Consulting in order to cast the net as wide as possible. All consultants are invited to participate, regardless of gender, length of time consulting or the specific field you work within.

Consistently we have learned that networking towards building relationships is the #1 best practices. Last year we were able to gain insight on the impact best practices have on profits as several participants grew profits at a rate greater than they grew their revenue. We also started looking at how different ways of applying best practices can impact the rate of growth.

Consulting has a lot of positive to offer all practitioners. It is invaluable to have help meeting the challenges by learning from the larger community of consultants.

Please participate in this year’s Best Practices survey and share the survey with your network of friends and colleagues. The survey closes April 7.

Results are anonymous and confidential. Everyone who completes the survey is eligible to receive a copy of the report and also be entered into a drawing to win one of five prizes (whether or not they’re WIC members) a seat in any future WIC workshop (1 winner) or a voucher for one recorded webinar (4 winners).

The survey takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete and asks detailed questions about your business for the 2017 calendar year, so be prepared with the following information:

  • Total revenue for 2017
  • Total profit for 2017
  • Average hourly fee (if applicable)
  • Average retainer fee (if applicable)
  • Average project fee (if applicable)
  • Target hourly fee for projects (if applicable)
  • Number of subcontractors used

Survey Results

In addition to the report that WIC sends to all participants (an email address is required), we also present the results at a general meeting on Thursday, June 21 and in a webinar later in the year.

A 10 – 15 minute investment that results in key insights on how best to manage and grow your business – why wouldn’t you invest the time? Share the value of the Women In Consulting Best Practices Survey with your network. They’ll thank you for it.

The survey closes April 7.

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