Best Practices in Consulting in 2013: What insights would you like to get from other successful consulting practices?

If you want to know more about how successful businesses like yours improve their practice, take our 12th annual best practices survey.  Let me explain how this works.

You take 12-15 minutes to answer our questions.  Many many other WIC members take the same survey.  Plus many many non WIC members who are consultants take the same survey.  It’s a great opportunity for you to invite all your consultant colleagues to participate.  In fact, you can send this survey to every consultant you know, WIC member or not. Consider it an open invitation – like a party.  And all participants will get the results!

That’s right – if you take our survey, you receive the results in a beautiful report format showing you the summary, the trends, and all the details.  These are all yours to read – learn how top consultants handle pricing, close deals, increase productivity and more.  As a full WIC member we also offer you to join our September meeting where we present and discuss these results – a valuable forum to gain even more insights!

The survey opens today and only stays open through August 15th.  So I encourage you to participate.  Will you put this on your to do list for today?  It will only take you 15 minutes and then you can check it off your list!  Here’s the link:

WIC 2013 Best Practices Survey' About Kathie Sherman

TenFour Marketing helps companies develop and implement automated direct marketing programs. This is a new class of marketing agency providing technology and services that improve and personalize the customer experience. Kathie's customers have seen 2 to 10 times increased response rates, they've tripled their marketing pipelines, and increased conference registration rates by 5X. As an expert in the field of relevant direct marketing technology, Kathie’s customers continue to defy direct marketing statistics.

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