Benefits of Membership?!?!

I joined Women in Consulting (WIC) almost two years  ago.  I joined because of the meetings.  I’ll be honest – I went to one South Bay meeting and then joined.  The next week I went to my first General meeting and I was hooked.  I started volunteering.  And soon I started working with women who weren’t even in the Bay Area!

This year, when I joined the Board, we all thought it would be helpful to put together a mini meeting (Member Orientation) that is both for members and for those who are considering membership to come and learn about all the WIC benefits – and that task fell to me (Director of Membership).  OMG –  I had no idea how many benefits there were!  Sure, I set up my profile when I joined.  And daily, I read most of the Off Topic and WIC Community emails (I even sent one) but I didn’t realize all the benefits of being a member!  To me now, it’s a no brainer – even for women not located here.  They may not be able to attend the meetings but they have lots of ways to connect, to be heard, to get discounts and more.

Right now we are having Member Orientation meetings 30 minutes before each General Meeting.  There is no cost to attend – all you do is sign up for it.  Even if you’ve been a member for years, you may learn (like me) about a benefit that will make all the difference in your membership in WIC!' About Kathie Sherman

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  1.' Cheryl Chow says

    Hi Kathie,

    Thanks for posting this. I must confess that as a new member, I’m still not clear on what the membership benefits are–other than meeting highly intelligent, motivated, and interesting women. I wasn’t even aware that there were membership orientation meetings before each General Meeting. It’s good to know!

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