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A blog post is a great way to talk about the profession or some special aspect of your business.  The post does not have to be long; the key is consistent flow in the output.  Your readership (and WIC’s) will increase as long as you have something interesting to say.

blogOne great way to organize your blog (and help avoid writer’s block) is to create a monthly content calendar.  (Many people do quarterly calendars, revisiting recurring themes or topics.)  Make sure you optimize your blog posts with keywords that make sense for your business.

Don’t know what to write?  One simple source is WIC material.  You can write about what you learned in a WIC meeting or webinar.  Writing about events is one of the best ways to cement the information and prompt additional action.  And this may encourage other people to attend future WIC events or to listen to a recorded webinar, when they see how valuable the content is.

If you have a website, you can “repurpose” your posts on the WIC blog.

If you don’t have a blog, you can contribute directly to WIC’s blog.  This increases your exposure, helps position you as an expert, and increases links to your website and other online profiles.  If the social media team thinks your post has widespread appeal, they will “amplify” it (tweet it, “like” it and “connect” to it).  (Note: Only WIC members can post to the WIC blog.)  Also, comment on WIC members’ blogs (both on the WIC site and on the individual’s websites).

While you’re at it, considering reposting WIC blog posts on your blog.  Get permission from the writer (of course) and give the writer and WIC appropriate credit.  For example, “This blog post was written by my colleague, Jane Doe.  It was first posted on the Women in Consulting (WIC) blog (www.womeninconsulting.org/blog).”  You’ll get a ready-made, well-written blog post, and WIC and the author will get additional exposure.  Everyone wins!

Note: To learn more about blogging, register for the new WICademy eLearning series, “Social Media Implementation for Consultants.”  The interactive online series is designed to provide the information you need to effectively use six major social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Pinterest and YouTube.  Different subject-matter experts (all of whom are consultants) will cover each platform in hour-long interactive sessions (with homework).  A week later, you will be able to ask the instructors questions in an online “office hour.” For more information, click here.

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Kay Paumier works with B2B companies that are struggling to stand out in the crowd. She spreads the word about their products and services, making them better known, more credible and more profitable. Her marketing-communications services include public relations, publicity, media relations, writing, company and product launches, and presentations. Kay serves as WIC’s marketing director. Her website is www.CommunicationsPlus.net.

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