Work Life Balance: Building your success team

Team3This post following Bobbie LaPorte’s talk on how to achieve a high quality work and personal life, is about her fourth Key to Success: Building your success team.

For some building your success team seems easy.  For others, it’s unclear where to start.

Here are Bobbie’s suggestions on how to build your success team:

  • Ask the rock stars in your field
  • Diversify your advisors
  • Define the rules of engagement (how often to meet, how are you going to communicate)
  • Understand what’s in it for them (expertise, contacts, ???)

What are your suggestions and successes in building your success teams?

About Deborah Siegle

Deb Siegle, Past President of Women in Consulting and Principal of Strategic Marketing Solutions, is an astute marketing leader and strategist with a talent for aligning a company’s products, solutions and messages with the customer’s needs. Deb was named one of the Top Women of Influence in Silicon Valley. She delivers practical and actionable insights to business executives and entrepreneurs. Deb is a recognized consumer and business marketing leader, problem solver and communicator who is an authority in market research, strategy, market and product development, and customer loyalty and experience. Deb is also the former president of Women in Telecommunications (WiT) and has also held leadership positions in other industry associations. Deb holds a M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.B.A. from the University of Michigan.

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