The Top Three Sales Skills for Small Business Owners

As a consultant, you are an expert at what you do.  Your clients love working with you and vice versa.  You get some (maybe many) referrals.  Do those referrals provide you with enough business?  Probably not.  If you are like most small business owners, you need to generate new business.  How would you rate yourself on your ability to execute the sales process?  Do you even know what the sales process is?!

All steps in the sales process are equally important.  There are three sales skills that I have found will make you or break you.

First is what I like to call possibilities.  The rest of the world calls it prospecting.  There are many different ways to find new clients: cold calling, networking, advertising to name a few.  What you do isn’t as important as actually doing it!  You need a plan, a system and you need to put it into your schedule. That’s right, actually write it into your calendar.  And then do it.  You’ll be amazed at the results.

The second skill is WTF which stands for Where’s the Fun also known as closing.  This is my favorite part of the process.  Why?  Because it is what brings in the money!  Sometimes you will find people that are certain you are the right person for them and they will sign up.  Most of the time you will need to ask them to work with you.  People hate rejection so they don’t ask.  And they don’t get the business.  You need to learn how to “ask for the order” if you want to be wildly successful.

Third, like Dorothy, you need to follow the yellow brick road.  Meaning you need to follow up.  I am continually shocked by the number of people that don’t call me when I tell them I am interested in their product or service.  People are busy and calling you to get info on your service is not going to happen.  And you can’t call just once.  They say it takes 5 -7 touches before you even get on someone’s radar.  So keep calling or emailing or both until you reach the person.

As a sales coach at Savvy Selling NOW!  I help business owners to improve in all areas of the sales process, so they can make more money.  You can benefit from free classes as well as a free half hour consultation that I offer. Join me for  “The Top Three Sales Skills for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners” on Tuesday, November 4th from 5:30-7:00PM in Pleasant Hill.  If you know anyone that would be interested, let me know and I’ll connect with them.  I’d be honored to help you.' About Leslie Ellis

Leslie Ellis has over 30 years of sales experience. She has worked with major corporations (Oracle, Sony, Schwab) as well as small to medium sized businesses and individuals. She is equally comfortable working with business owners, VPS, managers and assistants. She excels at getting to know her clients very well and creating long term relationships with them.
Leslie realized when she first started in sales that she is a natural! The things that other sales people often don’t like doing, don’t bother her. She loves discovering what is deep inside people that is keeping them from creating the results they want and how to help them to move past those blocks.
What is most important to Leslie is to laugh often and have fun at whatever she is doing!

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