Time Management and Planning: 10 Reasons Why They Go Hand in Hand

Time management and planning is among the most frequently discussed topics in the time management arena. If ever there was a secret weapon to doing more in less time and having more free or ‘me’ time, it’s the practice of planning. If ever you needed motivation to plan, here are ten compelling reasons:

  1. Later is an unspecified point in time and rarely (if ever) happens. If you want or need something to happen, schedule it.
  1. Planning puts you in control. By being proactive, you are not a victim to your calendar and other people’s requests.
  1. Planning promotes spontaneity. Because you’ve already planned for what needs to get done, you know precisely what free time remains for things that crop up.
  1. Planning is an instant stress-reliever. Once it’s on the calendar, you can rest easy it will get done.
  1. Planning results in having more fill-in-the-blank (clients, time to brainstorm). For example, when you plan to (and actually do) network, clients have a greater chance of showing up than if you did nothing.
  1. It’s like having a time management ROTH IRA stashed away. It’s an investment in your future (barring market corrections, of course).
  1. It’s an automatic prioritizing tool. If it doesn’t get planned, it may not be as important as you think and therefore not a priority.
  1. Planning enables goal achievement. You’ve got goals and you know what needs to be done to achieve them. Planning will help clarify what steps need to be taken if you’re uncertain.
  1. It’s problem-solving made easier. When you’re actively planning, you’re working through all pieces of the process. Problem areas show up more quickly, allowing for faster and easier resolution.
  1. Planning saves time and money. It’s been proven. Case in point: The holidays are five months away. You know you’ll be buying and sending client gifts. Select them now, leaving one less thing to do during an already hectic time of the year. Plus, you’ll avoid expedited shipping charges.

Simply put, time management and planning go hand in hand. The more you plan, the less stress you’ll have in your life, and the more opportunity you’ll have to be successful.

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Time management coach Stacey Vulakh is the founder of Timestyle Coaching & Consulting. http://timestylecoaching.com/ She helps busy people regain control over their lives, be more productive and reduce their stress.

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