The Seven Steps in the Sales Process

As a consultant, you probably have multiple projects with many of your clients.  Hopefully you are also searching for that next big client.  Are you aware of the steps that top sales people take to successfully land those new clients?  Try following these seven steps to increase sales and reach those new clients.

1) Prospecting: even if you get referrals you should still be looking for new clients.  Most authorities say you should be using 2-3 methods.  Some things you might try: advertising in trade journals, attending networking events, using social media, buying ads on Google or Facebook etc.

2) Qualify and set up the appointment: once you find someone that is interested be sure you determine this person is the decision maker.  Then set an appointment.

3) When you meet you must do a needs assessment by asking many questions.  Find out what is causing your prospect’s pain, so you can solve their problem.

4) Your next appointment will be to present your solution.

5) Answer objections and ask for the sale!

6) Deliver the product/solution.  This is obviously a critical step because if you don’t do it well, you won’t get more business or get any referrals.

7) Follow up. Be sure your client is satisfied.  If not, you’ll need to fix the issue.  When they are happy, you can ask if they might have another project and you can also ask for referrals.

Most of you have been consulting for a while so you probably do this without thinking about it.  Still, it can be good to review your actions to see if you might be able to improve.

As a sales consultant at Savvy Selling NOW!  I help business owners to improve in all areas of the sales process, so they can make more money.  You can benefit from free classes as well as a free half hour consultation that I offer.  Join me for “The Top Three Sales Skills for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners” on Wednesday, December 5th from 5:30-7:00PM in Pleasant Hill.  If you know anyone that would be interested, let me know and I’ll connect with them.  I’d be honored to help you.' About Leslie Ellis

Leslie Ellis has over 30 years of sales experience. She has worked with major corporations (Oracle, Sony, Schwab) as well as small to medium sized businesses and individuals. She is equally comfortable working with business owners, VPS, managers and assistants. She excels at getting to know her clients very well and creating long term relationships with them.
Leslie realized when she first started in sales that she is a natural! The things that other sales people often don’t like doing, don’t bother her. She loves discovering what is deep inside people that is keeping them from creating the results they want and how to help them to move past those blocks.
What is most important to Leslie is to laugh often and have fun at whatever she is doing!


  1. Thanks for the great reminders, Leslie…and as you said in your last blog, sometimes we forget the critical #5! Appreciating your blog posts to poke us back to our best practices!

  2. Great article. Pretty much on point .

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