How To Get Your Message On All Your Prospect’s Calendars

Most of us use our calendar only to manage our schedule and to coordinate with business associates. But by having a public Google calendar, you can have a free and effective way to notify your followers and clients about upcoming seminars and events you are offering. This is a great way to subtly communicate all the great events you have planned right on their daily calendar. You can also embed this calendar into your website so you’re not duplicating your efforts.

How to show all your upcoming events to all your clients and prospects using Google calendar:

Log into your Google account (or create a Google account if you don’t have one). Add a new Google calendar and make the calendar public in the sharing options. The URL for your public calendar is also listed on the same screen. Add your events to this calendar. Include a description, location and descriptive title for each event. If registration is required for your events, provide a link to your event registration page in the description.

Brand the calendar URL to your website by adding a new page. On this page you can embed the new calendar (code generated within the Google calendar application) as well as provide the link for your visitors to add your calendar to their google calendar.

To encourage anyone add your calendar to their calendar:

Login and click the small triangle next to the name of the calendar you want to share on the left side of your screen, and choose “Calendar Settings”.
Click the XML icon next to “Calendar Address” to get the address of your public calendar.
Copy the Calendar Address link and paste it into the box on this page:

Choose the button style you want to use, and then click “Create button HTML”. Just copy that HTML and paste it into the design of your page to add your Google Calendar button.

Anyone can now add your calendar to their Google calendar and your events will be shown when they look at their calendar.

Now make your calendar easy to find:

  • Add the link to your main events page on your website.
  • Include your Google calendar link in your newsletter.
  • Add the link to your business cards and brochures.
  • Include the link in your power point presentations.
  • Tell everyone in your webinar or presentation that you have a Google calendar they can add to keep updated on upcoming events.

You can use the Google calendar to do more than advertise your events:

  • If you provide a discount of the week, use the calendar to notify your customers.
  • Do you offer free daily or weekly tips? Use the calendar to put your tips on to their calendar.
  • Add homework assignments for your classes.
  • Suggest some ideas of your own, post a comment.

An online calendar can be so much more than a personal schedule. Use the power to keep in touch with your clients and prospects. This technique won’t replace the way you currently advertise and do your marketing, but it does add a free and easy way to get your word out and Be Found in the sea of other messages.' About Lou Anne McKeefery

Be Found provides search marketing expertise to small and medium sized companies for a wide range of services from site design considerations to site modifications needed to increase their website’s search rankings as well as implementing a solid web analytics system in order to accurately determine advertising ROI. Be Found specializes in building search optimized web sites using the Word Press software platform. For more information visit

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