How Can Blogging Benefit Your Consulting Business

Blogging for business.

Modern blogs emerged from online personal journaling.  Regular updates and general openness to discuss any subject built their popularity.  Then someone added commenting, and that’s how blogs became social. With social currency playing a big role in today’s online visibility, blogging will benefit your business from the search engines point of view: fresh content equals Google super juice. That is not the only way blogging can positively affect your business, here’s more…


A blog can be your personal distributor of company news and information.  You can use it to promote new products, describe your services, and share expert tips from your industry.  Adding links to your blog posts creates added value to the readers who are always hungry for more information. Link to other articles on your website, other relevant blog posts on your blog, or outside articles that will help create better experience for your readers.


With technology improving everyday, there is a growing concern among consumers about having the latest information on what and where to buy.  By providing the information consumers want, you will gain their respect and their business.  Keep them happy by using your blog to continue delivering high quality information.


Blogging can help you increase your listening skills and help you understand current needs of your community (customers and prospects). Be a better blogger by having a call to action with each post and answering all comments.


Your blog should have a prominent and well designed custom header that represents you and your business, as well as establishes the feel for your consistent marketing message. This creates recognition. Other components that will help you with your branding are a part of each blog post: your name as the blog author, the blog name (or your website name), title that includes keywords, links that point to your other content, and images and other media you can use in your posts. Creating and keeping a consistent message, as well as claiming and establishing your writing voice reinforces your recognizable online presence and visibility.

A blog really can give you all of this, if you put effort into it.  When you create informative posts and respond to readers’ comments, you build respect and authority online.  Now all you have to do is rise to the opportunity to create better visibility and sleek and shiny online presence. More about blogging.

Where do you think blogging can have the biggest impact in your consulting business?

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Karmen Reed is a Social Media and Online Visibility Strategist dedicated to help you harness the power of Social Media Marketing. Named by as one of the Top 20 Women to Follow on Twitter, Karmen is also a contributing author to Tom Marcoux’s latest book on marketing – - Full Strength Marketing: How You Can Use Your Hidden Strengths, Break Through Inner Barriers and Raise Your Profits.

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