Do You Charge for an eBook?

dina-profile-headshot1Oakland-based business coach for midlife entrepreneurs, Dina Eisenberg spoke to the South Bay Women in Consulting (WIC) group at the Los Gatos Lodge at a luncheon on January 13.  The discussion was about how to kick start an information product or “infoproduct” business.  An information product is any product or service that you can sell to people to provide them with information.  It includes ebooks, books, audios, CDs, DVDs, seminars, videos, tele-seminars and more.

Because the event description mentioned her law degree and creating a “passive income,” I was expecting tips on self-employed (S.E.) IRAs and 401Ks.  I went to the meeting anyway for the networking.

I was pleasantly surprised when Eisenberg started talking though.

What it was really about was creating sustainable income to make, what Eisenberg calls “a cushion for life’s bumps.”  Consultants and entrepreneurs who are typically actively involved in delivering their service benefit from creating passive income streams that work, even when they cannot.

A self-proclaimed “information product junkie,” Eisenberg has also produced a range of products from online courses to retreats and subscription programs.

She said it all started when her husband, whom she considers a successful entrepreneur just like herself, went on disability for two years due to a medical issue that has since mostly gone away.  He was her fiancé at the time.

She shared her tactics with the consultants, many of whom had created their own infoproducts.  Several consultants had their products on hand and the talk turned into a brainstorm and information share of sorts instead of just a presentation.

Two of her messages stuck in my mind.

First, start charging!  Yes, the internet is awash in free material however, people will pay for the exact right product that solves their specific problem at that time.  Don’t assume you have to start with free.

Second, ask first.  The difference between a profitable infoproduct and one that flops is research.  Search Linkedin threads and comments for a wealth of topic ideas for your information product.

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    I agree that you should charge for great content, but the hard part is marketing it to those who are willing to pay.

    – Tara

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