10 Tips for Business Blogging – Part 1

Who isn’t guilty of doing things you know you shouldn’t? Or not doing something you know you should? So then, for the mere mortals among us, here’s a handy reminder of how to make your business blogging even more effective than it already is.

1. Be clear and concise.

This goes for ANY kind of writing, not just blogging. But you need to be even more mindful when you’re asking anyone to read online. Don’t be too wordy. Try not to make readers scroll down too far. It’s all too easy for a visitor to click away to another site.

Don’t use jargon or corporate buzzwords. I once read a blog post that read like an engineering thesis. I was lost after the first sentence. (Actually, probably just three words!) Not only was it chock full of technical jargon, the text was densely packed, and seemed to go on forever.

2. Make your blog chatty and conversational. You can be more intimate and personal than in other kinds of writing. Let your hair down, you can even afford to be a little silly. Use your good judgment, of course. A one-woman business that wants to convey a greater sense of authority may need a different strategy to sound friendly and approachable.

3. Create value for the reader. Give them a report, an ebook, an MP3 download, or something else of value, and they’ll keep coming back. Think: if I were a current or prospective client, what would I want? You’re trying to promote your business, but you also want to avoid being too “in your face.” Don’t make your blog all about the sales.

4. Get comments for your blog posts! They help drive traffic to your site and engender a feeling of community by engaging your readers. Write posts that will make your readers want to share their thoughts. You can even explicitly ask for comments.

Visit other blogs in the same field as yours—or discuss similar topics—and leave comments. Be sure they’re relevant to the topic. And don’t just make it all about you.

5. Consider inviting guest or regular contributors as long as they have some relevance to your line of work. Different writers have different expertise and perspectives. They add richness and variety to your blog. This strategy may not work for certain personal blogs where readers are looking for your unique voice or a single strong, consistent viewpoint.

How has any of the above worked out for you? Do you have blogging tips that you’d like to share with the WIC community?

mcherylchow@gmail.com' About Cheryl Chow

Writer, Editor, Translator (Japanese/Chinese to English), specializing in Health and Fitness. Owner of My Cat is My Therapist site, exploring the health benefits of the human-animal bond.


  1. Great actionable tips Cheryl!

  2. farris11@juno.com' Nancy Farris says

    I am interested in getting some information about your organization and the qualifications for membership

  3. Thanks, Rachel!

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