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One of the most amazing benefits Women In Consulting offers is the annual Best Practices Research Report. The quality of information and the insights produced really have no parallel for independent consultants. If you want to know what successful consultants are actually charging, how they’re structuring their fees, the marketing they’re doing, and the operations activities they have in place to support success, the Best Practices Research Report gives you those insights. In the detail you need to put them in action in your own practice immediately.

I used the Best Practices Research Report way back when (10+ years ago) to increase my fees, restructure my payment schedules, delegate more effectively to subcontractors and assistants, and build a presence online. All of this had a direct positive impact on my income… and all from the report.

This report’s quality has two sources:

  1. We have highly qualified consultants doing the work in which they’re experts: research, analysis, project management, and communication.
  2. The insights are from on-the-ground experience – actual nuggets that have worked for other independent consultants. 

Those on-the-ground insights form a cornerstone for Women In Consulting. The greatest value you can get from our organization is to learn from others who generously share their stories and lessons learned in meetings, the research, in our email listserve exchanges, and face-to-face. 

That commitment to honest, abundant sharing and connection as women in business distinguishes Women In Consulting from other organizations. We are not just about education and events: central to Women In Consulting are lasting professional friendships and learning from each other in a variety of ways.

And the Best Practices Survey and Research Report project reflects that culture as a capstone. 

If you haven’t used the insights from the Best Practices Research Reports to increase your success, profitability, client base, and operations effectiveness, then check them out today. If you’re a Professional, Contributing or Executive level member, you get access included in your membership to all reports for all years– and they are ALL valuable. If you’re not a member at one of those levels, you can purchase the report, but in all honesty, joining at the Professional level is a better deal. You can also mark your calendar to take the report and you’ll get that year’s report for free – May or June is generally the timeframe to take the survey.I’d love to hear any stories or benefits you’ve experienced from the Best Practices Research Reports.

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President of Women In Consulting, Senior Business and Marketing Coach, and Co-Founder at Inspired Success, I coach and lead masterminds for inspired entrepreneurs creating businesses that fuel their passion, bring them joy, put them in flow, and make them money. I apply over 10 years transformational coaching experience and 17 years of high tech marketing and sales to my work with entrepreneurs. My extensive marketing background enables me to help businesses close the gaps between their offerings and the needs of their market and communicate value simply and effectively so that revenue can grow sustainably.

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