Innovative Entrepreneurs: UC Berkeley BPlan Startup Competition 2012

As a Consultant, it’s always good to understand trends in technology to get a better understanding of what startup companies are receiving funding.  So, if you are interested in new startups and ventures, you will find this blog post quite interesting. I recently participated for the third year as a mentor in the Annual UC Berkeley Startup Competition and was amazed this year by the brilliant new startup ventures that are being evaluated and funded by the VC Community. The UC Berkeley Startup … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Designing Your Very First Inviting Brand

After all, this is where all my experience comes from… I started out as a graphic designer, helping very-first-timers design their first business brands. Along the way, I learned many, many valuable lessons about designing your first brand… so I thought I should share. Many first-time entrepreneurs consider designing their brand a “first order of business” -  they think that before they launch, they’ve got to design their logo, business cards and their website. I get it… there’s a lot … [Read more...]

Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

Like most small businesses, you may be wondering where to put your marketing dollars. The Yellow Pages is calling, your website host is constantly pitching online advertising, and advertising salespeople in droves promise you the next best thing in advertising. Where do you start? In this three part series, we’ll discuss the foundation of effective marketing … [Read more...]

Interested in the pilot of the WIC Mentoring Program?

WIC Members, are you interested in: - Mentoring other WIC members as they grow in their practices? - Being mentored by WIC members from whom you can learn and improve? We're creating a new member benefit, the WIC Mentoring Program, and we're starting a pilot program. This new program falls within my area of responsibility as a 2009 WIC Board member. The pilot will be a six-week mentoring program where groups convene once a week by phone. Each group will be focused on one area of business, … [Read more...]

Send The Right Message

Have you ever come across a company logo that looked like a jumbled mess of drawings? Where there were so many elements competing for your attention that you didn’t even know where to look or what it all meant? The job of your logo is to communicate what your business is all about in an instant. But if you try to say too much in that instant, it’s more likely your customers and prospects will either not get the message or get the wrong message. The key to avoiding a confusing logo is to keep … [Read more...]

Types of Logos for Consultants

There are 3 main types of logos that a consultant can choose to use for their business. Each has advantages and disadvantages for the consultant. Here are explanations and samples of each type, to help you choose the best match for your consultancy. Combination logo: The most effective option for creating a consultant’s logo is to make a logo that contains both a graphic and your company name. This approach is called a combination logo. This type of logo contains both a memorable logo graphic … [Read more...]

Looking for a great new business book?

Are you in the market for a great business read or a few? Here are the ones included in the bounteous basket of books one lucky bidder got at the April WIC Silent Auction. Check them out! The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth by Fred Reichheld The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki Million Dollar Consulting and The Global Consultant, both by Alan Weiss Marketing Your Career: Positioning, Packaging and Promoting Yourself For Success by WIC's Linda … [Read more...]

50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online

A quick read on Small Biz Internet Solutions offers "50+ ways to brand yourself online." For anyone starting to explore online marketing, it's a nice laundry list of things to try. The key is selecting the ones that work for you. You can't do them all at once -- well you could, but it sure would be hard to get any client work done -- so choose the components that will deliver the most benefit.  On a side note, while the author has a category called "Tactics," I'd argue that these are all … [Read more...]

The Most Useful Marketing Materials for Consultants

In today's economic climate, it's more important than ever that all of a consultant's marketing materials be as effective as possible. But, if you're just starting your consulting practice, it would pay off to know exactly which pieces you'll really need to have for your business.  Here's what I recommend: A logo. Having a logo quickly takes a consultant from having an image of being a person working at home in their pajamas to looking like a real business. It shows your potential clients … [Read more...]

Should I Become a Consultant: Part III

In Parts I and II of "Should I Become a Consultant," the focus was on already-established professionals who were contemplating making the jump from corporate to consulting. If you're a new college grad, the question takes on a whole new dimension. I recently asked the WIC Community List members the following question, "I'm a new college graduate, and I'm thinking of going into consulting. What would you advise?" About 20 WIC consultants replied. Here's a summary of their advice … [Read more...]

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