To go solo or not? WICademy course on Consulting may have the answer!

As WIC prepares to launch a WICademy course on Consulting  for those considering going out on their own, I began reflecting on my experiences as a Consultant.  Here are some of the pros and cons that stand out.

I’m the Boss

It’s exciting and liberating!  I can choose who to work for, when and how much.  The amount of money I make is directly related to the quality and the amount of work I’m willing to put in.  If I want to make more money I don’t have to play office politics and ask for a raise.  I either take on more work or raise my rates.  Since I’m not dependent on a single client for my livelihood, things like layoffs at one company don’t impact my income in the same way as if I were an employee.

Diverse Projects

I’ve been exposed to a lot of different types of work, which not only makes for an interesting and varied workday but also allows cross-pollination of ideas. When I learn a new process or something that stands out working for one client I can leverage it and “reuse” it at another client.  This cross-pollination of learning also adds to my ability to provide high-value advice.

New Business

Of course there are a couple of challenges in the world of consulting.  The most tricky in my mind is that when I’m putting in long hours working for a client it’s very difficult to come up for air long enough to look for the next project.  This is very typical, and frustrating, for consultants.

Work Life Balance 

This is another hard one.  When I’m working 24/7 for months on end it can get a little crazy.  One tip I can share is that it really helps to exercise in order to lower my stress level, clear my head and be able to focus on what needs to get done.  I am a runner and I love the way I can feel healthy, keep my body in shape and also benefit my work.  Talk about multi-tasking!

I don’t know about you but I think it would be great to take a course on what to expect and how to structure a move into consulting.  I would have definitely taken the WICademy course on Consulting if it had been available when I was taking this step.

What are your experiences with consulting?  What do you love about it?  What frustrates you?  I’d love to hear your input.' About Beverley Bird


  1. Thanks for the great insight, Beverley. One thing I love about consulting is the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other consultants, especially ones in new fields or industries. I find that by partnering with other independent consultants, I can offer a better value to my clients.

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