What is Your Consulting Business Doing Right Today?

As consultants and business owners, we get paid to solve problems. If you’re successful, it’s easy to get so busy working with clients and running your consulting business and solving problems that you forget to stop to take a look at all the positive things that help to make your business a success.  Your consulting business is always evolving, so it’s important to take a step back from time to time to evaluate what you’re doing right with your clients and your projects.

Take a moment today to think about what’s working for you in your consulting business.  What’s making you successful in your efforts? Is it the same or different as in the past? What projects are you enjoying most, and why? What challenges have you overcome recently? What are some big wins?

You may have expertise in a particular industry that is unique and valued to your clients. Or, you may have the uncanny ability to develop strong relationships quickly and help clients to succeed in their own efforts. Or, your revenue numbers may be climbing steadily quarter after quarter this year because you’re great at growing your business.

Here’s a simple exercise to help you reflect on successes, and celebrate what’s working well for you now. Think of the three things that are working best for you in your consulting business right now, today. Once you have identified these three things, start talking about them! Think about how you can incorporate them into your marketing messages and your presentations to new clients.

Here are some tips to talk about what you’re doing right in your consulting business:

  • Tell your current customers about your recent successes in casual conversation
  • Re-visit your marketing materials (website content, etc) and update to include content that shows successes with current and previous clients
  • Create and share a case study of what worked well with another client when you talk to a prospective client
If you’re like most consultants, where you are today is far from where you started. You’ve learned and grown and increased your capacity and skill set.  Taking a step back every now and then to understand what makes you successful helps you identify skill sets that contributed to past successes, so you can use those skill sets again with new projects. More importantly, understanding what makes you continue to be successful, and effectively conveying it to your prospects and clients is the key to increasing your value and the earnings of your consulting business over time.



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Sherry helps high-technology organizations meet their strategic goals through effective channels, alliance, and marketing programs. She’s led workshops based on her award-winning book, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool.


  1. nicck.rocks@gmail.com' Nikhil Sonthalia says

    hey Sherry,
    Those were really nice thoughts. We always get motivated and others (client) also get confidence when we are talking to them with motivation.

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