Tips for Reducing Ergonomic Strains

Tips for Reducing Ergonomic Strains

These ergonomic safety tips from Laurel Standley on the WIC Community List were too good not to post. It’s important to ensure your workstation is properly set up. I’ve seen too many repetitive motion injuries (in a previous life I was an HR benefits coordinator, responsible for workers comp), so Laurel’s email was a good reminder (she was a safety officer in a previous job).

  • First, make sure your computer screen is at eye level (telephone books or a stand work to raise the screen) and your posture is great (hurts to shift at first, but you’ll get used to it)
  • Second, if your desk doesn’t have a keyboard drawer that keeps it close to your lap (i.e. so that you aren’t bunching your shoulders up), either place your keyboard in your lap (the cheapest route) or get a keyboard drawer that you attach to the underside of your desk
  • Third, make sure your mouse is low as well, so you aren’t holding your shoulder up to move it
  • Fourth, get a paper stand so that what you read from is at the same level as your computer screen
  • Finally, do exercises that stretch vulnerable muscles (see attached photos)

Neck Retraction and Shoulder Shrugs

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