The List of 30 Twitter Tools By Function

Social Media tools, like Twitter, allow for a new way of spreading your message in a relaxed, conversational way. Twitter has become one of the most powerful business communication tools on the Internet, and is used for networking, word of mouth marketing, promotion, traffic generating, learning, and teaching.

Whether your goal is to build a strong community or a network of experts, to establish expertise status, to increase search results, to prospect the community, or something I haven’t mentioned, hope this list of 30 tools can help you achieve your goals by increasing the functionality and power of Twitter as a marketing tool.


1.    ReTweetist – Tracks the most popular retweets.

2.    TweetBeep – TweetBeep is a “Google Alerts” for Twitter.

3.    Trendistic – Tracks the latest conversations as well as most popular Twitter links.

4.    Twitscoop – Twitscoop shares what’s hot on Twitter at any given moment.

5.    Twitter Search – Twitter’s search function. You can subscribe to a search via RSS.

6.    Tinker – Aggregates Twitter conversations around topics.


1.    Tweetmeme – Tweetmeme tracks the most popular links on Twitter every 5 minutes, categorized by types of content: images, video, audio, blogs.

2.    Twemes – Tracks Twitter memes.

3.    Monitter – Monitter is a real-time keyword-based monitoring service that lets you watch three columns of keyword streams side-by-side.

4. – Syndicate content, shortens URLs and tracks clicks.

5. – Shortens URLs, counts clicks, shows who else shortened a URL and provides metadata about that URL from across the Web.

6.    Twitlinks – Tracks most popular tech links from most popular tech Twitter users.

Network Building:

1.    LocalTweeps – Find Twitter users near you.

2.    JustTweetit – Twitter user directory by categories.

3.    Twellow – Twitter directory similar to Yellow Pages.

4.    Listorious – Search for most popular lists by categories, create your own listing.

5.    TwitterLocal – Twitter Local is a desktop app that finds Twitter users within a fixed radius of a city or zip code.

6.    WeFollow – User powered Twitter directory.

Twitter Management and Organization:

1.    TweetDeck – An Adobe AIR desktop application for Twitter that organizes followers, lists and social networks. Available as iPhone app.

2.    Hootsuite – Organize your followers, feeds and tweets, connect with other social networks and assign admins. Available as iPhone app.

3.    CoTweet – Enables multiple people to collaborate and manage one (same) Twitter account.

4.    SocialOomph – Let’s you schedule Tweets and analyze followers.

5.    Seesmic Desktop – Available as web and desktop app, as well as iPhone app. Organize followers, lists, searches, connect with other social networks.

6.    PeopleBrowser – For extreme power users or for those who love challenge and learning. This is an amazing full featured and complicated tool. Available both as desktop and web app, full and light versions.

Promotion and Sharing:

1.    Twitpic – Upload your pictures and share them on Twitter.

2.    Twitvid – Upload your videos and share them on Twitter.

3.    Twit(url)y – Tracks popular links and displays them in Digg-like fashion.

4. – Hashtags are designed to track the most popular Twitter posts that include a #hashtag.

5.    TwitterFeed – Feeds your blog to Twitter, Facebook and more.

6.    TweetBurner – Share links, and track their usage.

This list was created to encourage you to explore tools that may help you in your daily marketing and brand management activities on Twitter. They can help you create and strengthen your online visibility.

Are you using any of these tools in your daily online activities? What are your favorites and why?' About Karmen Reed

Karmen Reed is a Social Media and Online Visibility Strategist dedicated to help you harness the power of Social Media Marketing. Named by as one of the Top 20 Women to Follow on Twitter, Karmen is also a contributing author to Tom Marcoux’s latest book on marketing – - Full Strength Marketing: How You Can Use Your Hidden Strengths, Break Through Inner Barriers and Raise Your Profits.


  1.' Cheryl Chow says

    Karmen, what an outstanding list of Twitter tools! I’m going to check out everything. It’ll make my Twitter experience that much richer. Thanks.

  2.' Karmen Reed says

    Cheryl, happy to hear this list is helping you enrich your Twitter experience. Keep on Tweeting!

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