Ten NEW Rules For Marketing With Social Media

In September of 2009 an 8.3-magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami near the Samoan Islands. That same year the social media wave crashed on the shores of the Internet and  surfing the web has never been the same. Large and small business owners are still feeling the effects. Some will sink and some will swim but for everyone it’s a learning experience. Are you ready to “hang ten” and catch the wave?

1. Be a lifesaver – Or at least a problem solver. Remember, it’s never about you or your product it’s about how you can help someone else. Someone always has a problem. Show them how you can solve it.

2. Boards are for surfing – Don’t leave your audience board (ooops! – I mean “bored”). Content is king but only if it’s good content. Keep your words relevant, fresh and informative.

3. Don’t be shellfish – Errr I mean SELFISH. Provide free valuable, interesting information. Make it easy for people to find it and to share it.

4. Fish where the fish are – Sometimes sources dry up. Sometimes we fish in the wrong waters. If you’re looking for tuna you’re probably not going to find it in the local trout stream. Stay active in online communities that are stocked with your target audience.

5. S.O.S. (Share Our Stuff) – People love to share what they know. Give them valuable information and they’ll share it for you. Be sure to ask for credit (or give credit if you’re sharing someone else’s brilliance). Get people talking and engaged in the conversation.

6. Catch the wave – One way to get a conversation going is to comment on current events, popular topics, or timely advice.

7. No man is an island – Remember you’re building a community. This means post often, acknowledge others that post on your wall, participate in other communities, and validate your readers. It’s a conversation not a monologue. People love to be heard so let them know you’re listening.

8. Whatever floats your boat – It’s ok to throw in a random comment now and then. Of course you want to keep your message relevant to your community but sometimes it’s fun to show them a different side of you. Edginess and unexpected reveal creates curiosity and interest. Don’t be too drastic — hare your favorite song, movie, or book.

9. You’re the Captain – Only once in a while you may find spam or (heaven forbid) a negative comment on your wall. You have two choices. You can either respond or delete. There are positives and negatives to each approach so handle these posts on a case by case basis.

10. Life’s a Beach – Enjoy the tide! Social Media is fun. It’s a great way to make new friends and share your passion. Enjoy!

I’m sure this is not all…. What else to add?

–>Previously published as an article on KickoffTopic.com.

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Karmen Reed is a Social Media and Online Visibility Strategist dedicated to help you harness the power of Social Media Marketing. Named by Forbes.com as one of the Top 20 Women to Follow on Twitter, Karmen is also a contributing author to Tom Marcoux’s latest book on marketing – - Full Strength Marketing: How You Can Use Your Hidden Strengths, Break Through Inner Barriers and Raise Your Profits. http://kickofftopic.com

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