Secrets to a Successful Consulting Business: Keep It in a Box

Aaron Strout’s # 1 top lesson learned in social media is actually a top lesson we should apply to the overall running of our consulting and small businesses: Keep It in a Box.

Essentially, this means keep what you do on a daily basis:

  • Closely aligned with your business goals
  • Prescriptive vs. descriptive, so that others can take action
  • Easy to understand (could I explain what I do to my grandfather?)

Aaron writes that it’s easy to creep out of the box in the social media world. However, I think it’s easy to creep out of the box — period — especially if you’re a small business owner or consultant being pulled in a gazillion directions.

The article is a bit lengthy, but every bit worth the read, as he walks you through the process of how to keep what you do in a box; using his own work at Mzinga as an example.

Read “Keeping It in a Box”' About Avery Horzewski

Principal of AVE Consulting, Avery is a marketing and customer communications consultant, and serves on WIC's board of directors as president. As a consultant, she works with companies of all sizes to develop compelling, persuasive, and effective customer-centric marketing and communication strategies that encompass everything from websites to social media to print collateral. Avery assumed the role of WIC president in January 2010, after overseeing the organization’s marketing, PR, social media, and website initiatives for three years.


  1. Aaron’s blog is a great check list in two ways, one for keeping my own business on track and two, for how I might use social media to grow it. Thanks Avery.

  2. You’re welcome! And you’re right–I plan to use his info in the same way.

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