Reclaim Your Bookshelf

Is your love of books creating feelings of overwhelm? If so, it may be time to evaluate your personal and business book collection. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. If you didn’t like the book, let it go.
  2. If you are not going to refer to it again, let it go.
  3. If a book has been sitting in a stack to read for YEARS, let it go.
  4. If the book has no sentimental value…that’s right…let it go.
  5. Buy an electronic reader like a Kindle (I love mine!).
  6. Create your collection only with books that you love.

Share the wealth with other book lovers by passing your unwanted books on to a friend, donating them to a library or selling them at a used or online book store.' About Melissa Stacey

Melissa Stacey with Feeling Organized specializes in organization for your home, office, and small business. She works with each client to create a unique system that's geared toward their specific needs, lifestyle, and/or work style. Some of Melissa’s expertise includes filing systems, paper management, closet spaces, offices, and work flow. As a WIC Board member, Melissa oversees WIC’s finances, silent auction, and sponsorship initiatives.

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