Our Latest Mission: Rebranding a Nonprofit to Win

Over the summer, we’ve been secretly working on a great project … we’re doing a pro bono brand relaunch for Operation Freedom Paws.  Why? Because we are a bunch of softies here at ThinkResults.  The combination of giving shelter dogs new lives as service dogs and helping veterans with invisible wounds move back into a normal civilian life was irresistible for us.  Yes and yes!

The operation is headed up by Mary Cortani, a 2012 CNN Hero.  Mary is an amazing lady and former Army dog trainer with great intuition about matching dogs to vets.

The program Mary runs at Operation Freedom Paws teaches the vets to train their own dogs over a 32-week period, giving them confidence and strengthening the human-canine bond.  This confidence gives the vets back the simple freedoms we all take for granted: going to the grocery store, going to the movies, being well every day.

Rebranding a Non Profit photo

We are helping Operation Freedom Paws by donating a complete brand relaunch, including everything from their long-term domain strategy (yes, they are also simplifying their name) to a complete site redesign.  Above you’ll see the transformation of their logo, simplifying the elements to focus on the emotional connection and loyalty of a canine buddy.

In the fall, the CNN Hero program moves into the next phase, which is to choose the Top 10 Heroes.  We hope you will be moved as we have been by the work Mary is doing and vote for her in the fall when public voting is announced.  We’ll be promoting it on our Facebook page.  And of course, feel free to connect with Mary and Operation Freedom Paws to support their important work.

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  1. Me again. Apparently I need to check my time references before sending blogs off to WIC to post. 🙁 I thought this was interesting because of the logo redesign and had forgotten that it referenced the 2012 CNN Hero contest. Clearly, I wrote this LAST summer (2012). Since I’m here, however, if any of you would like to join me, I’ll be attending the Operation Freedom Paws fundraiser THIS FRIDAY (9/6) in Gilroy at Fortino Winery. Details cane be found on their home page (http://operationfreedompaws.org/). Would love to see you there! — Jenn

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