Identifying the Value of Your Consulting Service

Imagine that you are at a party explaining your consulting business to someone who has never heard of your business before. Think about what they might ask you. You would probably be asked about what your product or service did and the size or your business. There might be some questions about how your product or service serves your customers. Since this person at the party is new to hearing about your business, you’d most likely want to present your information in a way that would be easy to understand and you’d also want to explain how your product or service adds value to a potential customer.

How would you describe your consulting service at the party? The best way to explain your consulting service is to let this person know how you add value to your customers. It should take no more than 3 minutes to accurately describe how you add value to your customer’s lives.

Here’s a great  example of how a consultant described her business to me at a recent networking event:

“I’m a sales consultant and I help executives to bring in more top line revenue through our effective training programs. My team and I provide coaching and strategy sessions with sales executives and their teams, helping them to set goals and objectives on a quarterly basis. As a result, they have a more focused quarterly goal model and report that the team communication and morale has improved! They’ve reported an increase of 45% in their revenues based on this new goal-setting model we’ve developed.”

In this example above, the consultant clearly defined what her service was, how it impacted her target audience (executives) and customers and how her service added value to their daily business and to their revenue stream. I understood immediately how she was adding value to her customers through increased communication for the team, better morale and through increased revenues based on an effective sales model that she had helped them to develop.

Now it’s your turn – Take a moment to think about what your product or service does, how does it work and how does it add value to your customer?' About Sherry Prescott

Sherry helps high-technology organizations meet their strategic goals through effective channels, alliance, and marketing programs. She’s led workshops based on her award-winning book, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool.


  1. Hi Sherry,

    Great post here — especially appreciate the idea of outlining how you create value to your potential clients.

    Just posted a video on the iMeet blog regarding using video meetings for consulting. Would love to get your feedback:

    Take care,

    Steve Miller

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