Hitting the High Ground in 2017

:: As women business owners, many of us were eagerly looking forward to seeing our country’s first woman president elected in November.

Unfortunately, as we all know, that didn’t happen.

The aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory has been a country deeply divided, with anger and aggression erupting on both sides. Regardless of which candidate you supported, you’ll need to deal with a changed business climate in 2017.  Here are 5 factors to consider in your upcoming business dealings:

  • Beware the divisions. Over two months later, this is still very much an open wound for many people. Be aware of this when meeting with clients, prospects, suppliers, etc. This election was more intense, more personal for many. Give these individual extra space—don’t ask them to “get over it” or “just move on.”
  • Delays can be deadly. On the other hand, businesses can’t afford to wait. Some companies are holding off on spending or big initiatives to “see what happens.” This can be a critical mistake. Now’s the time to create and launch key initiatives  to move forward and help our clients grow their business. Those who wait are left behind.
  • New opportunities have been created. While some opportunities will go away with the new administration, others will be created.  There are groups that are mobilizing and energizing as a reaction to what will happen in Washington. Consider how you can help the organizations you care about move forward.
  • If you see something, say something. Sadly, the country has seen increased amounts of bigotry, hate, violence, and discrimination against groups that are seen as less powerful or marginalized. As successful women consultants and business owners, it’s important that we use our voices to help call attention to these incidents when we see them. It’s not acceptable to look the other way. We need to help where we can.
  • Be the change you want to see. We have the opportunity to be exemplars or avatars for women who are considering whether to start their own business or become consultants. We live in a diverse community in California that often leads the rest of the nation in bringing change and new ideas forward. We need to continue to do this now more than ever, but we need to do that in a way that allows us to keep the high ground.

If we stay focused and alert to what’s going on around us, we can continue to move forward personally, professionally, and as a society. Let’s hit—and hold—the high ground in the coming year in 2017.


About Linda Popky

Linda J. Popky, a past president of WIC and the founder and president of Silicon Valley-based Leverage2Market Associates, helps organizations be heard above the noise. She is the author of the recently released book Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing That Matters. Connect with her on Twitter at @popky

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