Essential Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs

:: Entrepreneurs need lots of support to be successful, and it can take many forms. For example, it’s important to have sources for trusted advice, like the Small Business Administration. It’s also key to have practical tools to get established and maintain your workflow. Here are a few valuable use cases and my go-to technology tools:

Keep track of the interwebs. You probably have a number of websites and blogs you visit to get your daily dose of news about your industry. It’s a waste of time to visit each site individually. Instead, use Feedly to collect the RSS feeds of your favorite news sources into one browsable stream that has everything you want in one spot.

Centralize all the details. You’ll need a spot for your research, meeting notes, project details, and basically everything related to your business. Don’t let these key bits of information go homeless— create a knowledge hub in Evernote instead. That way, you’ll be able to access and add to your own personal database for your business from anywhere, and pull things up when you need them.

Keep tasks tidy. You don’t need to go overboard with super-complex task management, but it is useful to have a trusted tool where you can write down and manage your tasks. Choose something like Swipes or Gneo, each of which can help organize what you need to work on so you can move your projects forward.

Stay on schedule. Entrepreneurs like you can’t manage your time and all the things you need to do effectively without a great calendaring tool like Sunrise. Personally, I like to note all my tasks in one tool then put them right on my calendar at the time and date when I’m actually going to work on them.

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Joshua Zerkel is Evernote’s Director of Global Community, Channels and Training, and is responsible for managing the people and programs that bring Evernote to communities around the world. He's also an inaugural Certified Professional Organizer® and has spent over a decade helping people get more organized and increase their productivity.

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