How Dress Shopping Can Make You a Better Marketer

When just the right dress is needed for a special occasion, we often reach for a little black dress. Referred to simply as the LBD, it is the go-to dress for many. As straight forward as it sounds, getting the right one can be an ordeal.

Let’s see how shopping for a dress can provide insights on B2B marketing. Which would you prefer?

1. A description of the dress shop, how long they’ve been in business, design awards they’ve won and how many store locations they have.
2. Dress specifications, such as:
• Color black
• Strapless
• Back zip
• Length from waist 28″
• Taffeta
• Bow at waist
• Dry clean only
3. An illustration of the dress
4. A photo of a person casino online wearing the dress to an event similar to what you have planned
5. Trying it on in a shop, feeling the fabric and how it fits

Clearly a hands-on shopping experience ensures casino online the dress fits. Sometimes that option isn’t available so we rely on a detailed description and photos. We seek any information that will help us make a good buying decision. Is the style right for the occasion? Does it fit my body shape well? Will I feel confident wearing it?

Buying business products and services can be a similar process. A buyer wants information on how their business problem will be solved. They need to be confident that the investment will help their business be more successful. The more evidence, the more likely they are to buy.

And yet, so often businesses market their product by presenting lists of company milestones and details on product features. Don’t make the customer work hard to see how products compare and which fit their organizational needs. Provide success stories they can relate to and try on, so to speak. Quantify the impact to their revenue or cost savings.

As they visualize their success, they will associate more value to your solution, focus less on the price and make the purchase.' About Robin Pieracci

Robin is a pricing and product marketing consultant and serves on WICs board of directors as Programs Director. She helps marketing executives and small business owners drive more profit and revenue by integrating value-based pricing with the other elements of the marketing mix. She solves pricing challenges service providers face from the creation of packages and prices to the reduction of reliance on discounts to meet sales goals. Robin oversees the WIC monthly meetings, workshops and webinars.

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