Do This “One Thing” For Website Success

If the next person who visited your website could only do one thing there, what would you want that thing to be?
 Having one main thing for your visitor to do on your website is a powerful strategy that will help you get better results for whatever is most important on your website.

It’s easier for you to do “One Thing” well. Trying to write copy, design a marketing strategy and create a business strategy around way too many things is a lot of work – and if you’re doing too many things, you can’t do any of them as well as they need to be done.

It’s easier to get your visitor to do “One Thing”. If you’re offering one clear choice of what to do next, then your visitor can see what they’re supposed to do, how to do it, and make just one decision – instead of deciding between too many things.

It’s easier to get people to talk about  “One Thing”. You want people to help you spread the word about what you’re doing, right? Giving them one clear thing to talk about can help get the word out farther, faster and to make sure the message that’s going out from all of the people who are talking about you is consistent and clear.

And, focusing on one thing doesn’t mean that they’ll only do  “One Thing” with you. It simply gives them a starting point. You can still offer many things, and serve people in many ways – but you just don’t confuse or overwhelm them with that up-front.

Here’s an assessment to see if your site is well designed to harness the power of “One Thing”.

  • How clear is your website that you want them to do that “One Thing”?
  • Does that “One Thing” get lost in the shuffle of everything else you’re talking about and offering?
  • Can they do that “One Thing” from every page of your site?
  • Is your offer for the “One Thing” compelling to your ideal client?
  • Have you made your “One Thing” irresistible?
  • Is the “One Thing” extremely obvious?
  • Does the design around the “One Thing” make it stand out?
  • Does the rest of the design on the page encourage the visitor’s eye to move to your “One Thing”?

How easy do you make it for them to do that “One Thing”?

What do you think of the “One Thing” approach for your website?


Do you see how you could apply it to your business?


I’d love to get your feedback and comments!' About Erin Ferree

Erin Ferree is a brand strategist and designer. She works with small businesses to create brands with substance and style that fit their businesses perfectly.
She's designed brands for hundreds of small business all over the world. Her brands help her clients attract their ideal clients, outshine their competition and make them unforgettable. She also works with small business owners to develop complete clarity about their brand positioning and to develop total brand clarity.
Her award-winning design work and her writing on design have been published in many books and periodicals.
Erin lives, cooks and plays tug-of-war with her dog Stanley in San Luis Obispo, California. Her website is


  1. Erin – Good point. There’s a flip side as well — what’s the reason that the visitor had for visiting your website in the first place? Chances are, they came there to achieve a specific task. If their top task and your one thing aren’t aligned, then you conversions will be lower. So, as you choose the “one thing” make sure you think of it in the context of the top tasks that your visitors (at least, the ones that are prospects) are likely to be looking to achieve.

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