Customized Branding Options for Consultants

Having a polished presentation helps you look more professional. There are dozens of options for creating additional branded materials. But, before you run off and pour thousands of dollars into designing everything you might need, consider this list of 4 of the most effective brand kit additions for consultants:

  1. A mailing label. Make your mail look more professional with simple Avery labels. Design full pages of them in Microsoft Word and then print a page or two at a time, as needed. You won’t have to pay for envelopes, and changing your address won’t mean throwing a lot of labels out.
  2. A presentation folder. If you make a lot of presentations, or mail out information or proposals, then a presentation folder can help make a solid impression. Custom-printing a whole folder can be costly, and the minimum orders are typically high (500 folders). Invest less by finding a colored presentation folder, with a heavy paper weight, at an office supply store or paper warehouse. You can also order them online at a retailer like
  3. A thank-you card or general-purpose blank card. Correspond with your clients, thank referral sources and keep the conversation open by sending cards. People still open hand-addressed mail, and the extra effort of sending a real card will be appreciated.
  4. A PowerPoint template. If you give talks, host webinars or present proposals in PowerPoint, custom-branding your template extends your brand and shows that you’re not like everyone else in your field.' About Erin Ferree

Erin Ferree is a brand strategist and designer. She works with small businesses to create brands with substance and style that fit their businesses perfectly.
She's designed brands for hundreds of small business all over the world. Her brands help her clients attract their ideal clients, outshine their competition and make them unforgettable. She also works with small business owners to develop complete clarity about their brand positioning and to develop total brand clarity.
Her award-winning design work and her writing on design have been published in many books and periodicals.
Erin lives, cooks and plays tug-of-war with her dog Stanley in San Luis Obispo, California. Her website is

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