Core vs. Non-Core Business

General Motors eliminated the Pontiac nameplate  this week. This set me to thinking about core versus non-core business. To eliminate an icon is a tough decision for any business at any time – when GM is clearly fighting for its survival in a shrunken U.S. auto industry, it had to be very difficult.  I grew up with a huge Pontiac Bonneville (with fins:^) and an even older Chieftain sedan as the family car in my childhood.

The exercise of pruning non-core business from our consulting practices is something we each need to do regularly. One of the reasons I love having my own business is this opportunity to regularly prune what isn’t working or what is no longer important to me. And to re-invent segments of my business as the market changes or my interests change. To experiment with things I haven’t done before and challenge myself is always a great learning experience and a chance to provide new value to my clients as their business needs change.

If I can help you on this path of pruning and re-invention, post a comment or send me a private email at' About Deb McClanahan

Principal of BroadBand HR Consulting, Deb is an Executive Search and Human Resources consultant, and has served in WIC's leadership in different roles. As a consultant, she works with companies of all ages and stages to identify talent critical to their success. Her practice also includes compensation, performance, OD, and other HR and business consulting. As a WIC board member, Deb serves today as Secretary overseeing the organizational structure and association development as well as 2-way communication initiatives.

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